Meet the Team

James Sheehan

Head of Business Development
Something about me.
I once owned a hotel in the Welsh borderlands and wound up on a Channel 4 documentary all about it with Stef and Dom
Throughout my time in retail I have worked agency and client side for a number of global brands, helping to design, develop and deliver world class POS systems and toolkits for the UK and abroad.
From working within Shopper Marketing Agencies since their inception in the mid 2000’s, my approach to every retail focused challenge always been with a view to creating the optimum shopper experience for my clients’ brand and their customers. My experience across categories is pretty extensive, having worked in Food and Drink, Alcoholic Beverages, Personal Care and Home Products. Additionally, I have experience within Consumer Electronics and Garden and Leisure.
Tomorrow’s Retail Today.
Demands within retail are changing all the time and will continue to do so. The internet and the use of digital media, which has been so successful in facilitating the focus of shoppers away from the high street, is also one of the strongest means that retailers and brands can reconnect with their shoppers in-store to create immersive and memorable branded experiences.
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