Meet the Team

Mark Cauchi

Head of Design
Something about me.
I am highly innovative, disciplined, motivated and committed to succeed. I have an excellent global design and technical knowledge and lots of hands-on experience within creative sketch design, architectural and product design.
More than 35 years’ experience at the leading edge of design engineering and design development for some of Europe's major brands and companies. Experience in bringing new products to market. Hands-on experience and a comprehensive technical knowledge of all aspects of the engineering and manufacturing processes. A sound financial acumen. A calm, logical and analytical mind. Positive and clear thinking with a strong, progressive and well respected “lead by example” management style. A thorough and accurate front end technical designer with excellent communication skills at all levels.
Tomorrow’s Retail Today.
Behind every successful global brand is a universal insight that not only attracts
consumers but also has the power to inspire all who work with the brand.
Shopper behaviour is no longer linear, but more multidimensional than ever.
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