Sustainability Policy

Pivotal Retail Marketing Ltd – Sustainability Policy.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a basic belief in a better world.
Pivotal Retail has built its entire framework around the premise that a better world will be possible as a result of better ways of working.

Businesses of any size have a huge impact on the world around us, especially in terms of people and environment. We know that the business choices we make have ripple effects throughout the world, and in order to continue to reduce our environmental footprint, we constantly consider and reevaluate those choices. We understand that our choices have an effect on the lives of future generations; these are our responsibilities.

Because we design, store, distribute and install displays & shop fittings, the best thing we can do is assist our customers with the reduction of waste.
That’s why we create long-term, durable, environmentally friendly products.

We also supply FSC® certified products on request. (FSC stands for ‘Forest Stewardship Council®’ and is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forestry.). In short, we can trace the wood from seed to store and back again. In addition, our customers help us by re-using, repairing, and recycling products too. It’s a two-way street where everyone benefits

We’re behind our local economy

By seeking local products and services, we support our local economy and businesses, but just as importantly, we also ensure a smaller carbon footprint. Instead of buying steel from South Africa, for example, we recently decided to get it from a local source.

When we access other services, from vehicle servicing, IT support, legal services, banking facilities, web design, warehouse materials, delivery services, printing and any other service that is essential for the running of a business, we use only local vendors where possible. The best thing in the “world” is working with community-based services supplied by people who are proud of being at the heart of their – and our – community

At Pivotal - We re-use

Just a simple change to re-using bubble wrap and foam packaging means that we no longer purchase huge quantities of wrapping. We now do not need 12,000 cardboard boxes every year. One easy move and we have saved millions of trees, litres of water, and a phenomenal amount of power. Our transportation emissions have dropped by more than we even projected, and the whole thing has yielded a breath-taking reduction in our global impact. Footprint is everything when it comes to delivering sustainability and it’s right at the top of our agenda.

At Pivotal - We recycle

We crush and recycle all cardboard
We granulate acrylic and make it into another product or even plant pots and crates.
We repair, re-use and recycle MDF and timber.
We re-use and recycle metal.
We burn less fuel & electricity

By working together with the Carbon Trust, we are working towards becoming a carbon neutral business, and what that would mean for our community. By taking their advice, we have already reduced our overheads and our impact on our environment, and we’re still reaping the benefits.
And we will continue as we go into the future.

At Pivotal - We re-use & repair because it makes sense

We ensure careful maintenance of our delivery fleet so that each vehicle lasts longer. Instead of buying or replacing, we repair first. We buy used products wherever it is viable, because already used products are already out there in the world; they’re easier to find, less costly, and if they’re serviceable, they’re sustainable. Everything we do is geared to sustainability.

At Pivotal - We reduce our transport carbon emissions

Because we believe in better efficiency and being kinder to the environment, we don’t just send out deliveries without planning carefully. Our schedules are designed to ensure the smallest possible emission of greenhouse gasses by making certain that our vehicles are only on the road for the least amount of time. We try where possible to use electric or hybrid technology to support this.

At Pivotal - We don’t use landfills

Landfills are redundant, as far as our business is concerned, thanks to our efforts to ensure that all of our waste is recycled, re-used or disposed of responsibly. We were one of the first design companies in the country to do this, and we are proud to continue this good work.
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