Meet the Team

Simon Hickling

Head of Projects & Procurement
Something about me.
I’m not an overly interesting person. I will say one word though – Marillion. Those that know me know why I say that – those that don’t – feel free to ask!
Having started in the POS Industry pushing buttons on a vacuum forming machine in 1989, I gradually worked my way upwards and sometimes sideways, and commenced project management in 2001 and have not looked back since. I have now been a Project Manager at 4 different companies and have gained both a wealth of experience and a wealth of knowledge, but still find that every day is a school day and continue to add to both experience and knowledge
Tomorrow’s Retail Today.
In a world in which things advance at breakneck speed it is imperative that we keep informed of developments, be innovative and proactive in order to offer solutions and service to our clients that reflects tomorrow’s retail today in sustainable materials.
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