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My Blu Illuminated Gantry

September 22, 2021

We were commissioned to design, re-develop a stunning, eye-catching gantry unit for MyBlu. This is no usual gantry unit that you see in wholesale. There is an extra appeal to this one due to the blue LED light installments. This is a rare find in retail and it has a very alluring presence. We provided a great money solution that covered all requirements commissioned from the client.

These gantry units were displayed in a large number of Wholesale Cash & Carry stores. These units are either in the Tobacco Rooms or situated outside. Our key aim was was to try and capture the interest of Retailers who sell Vaping and Tobacco products. The objective behind the MyBlu Gantry unit was to design, develop, install and manufacture an eye-catching and captivating gantry for Wholesale use. It was made from sheet metal, as well as including rear illuminated graphics in acrylic lightboxes.

Seeing as it was installed for Wholesale, we needed to make it from a durable material which would last. We had Vacuum formed shelves which held pushfeeders – this keeps the units looking neat and tidy at all times, displaying the product sat upright and in full view for the shoppers. The vacuum formed shelves also gave the gantry more area to present graphics.

Brand awareness – The unit is 1m wide and 2.4m high, all branded with MyBlu. The client wanted to have a location in Cash & Carry which would just have their products on the Retailers would see this as a permanent home for Blu products. We added bright blue LED’s to either side of the unit which shouts out at people as soon as they see it (the pictures doesn’t quite do this justice) We created the lightbox’s with interchangeable graphics so the brand could easily change these for new promotions and product launches – therefore making this gantry unit flexible.

Re enforce above the line advertising – The brand had an ‘above the line advertising strategy‘ and needed to get across to Retailers this brand is around to stay! We came up with the idea to help re-inforce the campaign that Retailers really wanted to see presence in Cash & Carry. We came up with the unit it being quite a large, bright, impactful unit Retailers really felt confident in buying the product knowing its a brand that its obviously popular and going to be around for a long time.

Create impact – The Graphics on the sides of the unit plus the large illuminated header across the top really stand out. Getting reports back from the client, we have had amazing feedback – so much so – ‘Sales have significantly increased where this unit is placed up by a staggering 22% from the previous year’ – which is great to hear!

We love forward to working with MyBlu to create more of their retail solutions. 

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