Live Fragrance Launch

September 22, 2021

Pivotal were thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with Lacoste on their promotional launch for their new fragrance - LIVE which was displayed in a number of fragrance stores in the UK.

The brief was to ultimately think outside the box, to create innovative and imaginative ideas that could relate back to being 'LIVE' as a whole. Our Design team brainstormed multiple ideas on how we could make a Lacoste fragrance display that little bit more different to the norm, as well adding a shopper experience inclusive of interactivity - something that all consumers could get involved in!

With LIVE being the pivotal word, we related this to live electricity. With the incorporation of live power, we had to think on a successful, yet safe idea that would be suitable for all ages to enjoy on the shop floor. Our Design and Project Management team decided to include a Buzz Wire game. This was flexible and easy to use and add that touch of personalisation for Lacoste. It was highly recognised in the retail space due to it having a unique selling point.

Our objective was to create an interactive unit in the form of a wire loop buzzer game incorporating the Lacoste Live branding and a tester facility. This brings a unique and fun factor to the launch, therefore giving Lacoste a whole new outlook for their brand’s presence.

Nowadays, technology and individuality is what invites shoppers into store. The use of displays are only effective when something stands out to us as consumers. The aim was to heighten Lacoste’s in-store presence and engage with its consumers.

It was important to us to make sure the use of materials were sturdy, durable and easy to clean by the Retail staff. Therefore with the use of acrylic, this gave us the right look and feel, as well as giving it that high-gloss finish which also boasted a luxury factor.

Throughout Lacoste's branding, it was important for us to involve all three pivotal colours: white, blue and red. These pantones clearly reflect a fresh outlook to the shop floor and also cohesively compliments their branding guidelines.

We hope to work with Lacoste on any future additional launches.

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