August 16, 2021

The Pandemic did not stop us executing a full roll-out! We were able to continue working closely with PPG for their Leyland Trade Paints FSDU roll-out.

We developed and installed a total 90 units across the UK, inclusive of Northern Ireland. This unit was stocked in a variety of locations and stockists such as Leyland SDM stores, Selco Builders Warehouse, Robert Price, and other independent stores.

PPG took advantage of our full turn-key service, inclusive of Design, Value Engineering, Quality assurance, Prototyping, Full manufacturing production, Delivery, and Installation.

Due to the unit being displayed in high footfall areas, inclusive of the Wholesale landscape, we needed to ensure that it was strong, durable and long lasting.

With our value engineering and quality manufacturing, this meant that the best material for this execution was to develop it in Sheet Metal. This meant also that it is easy to clean, as well as being robust.

We also added Magnetic Graphics which can easily be switched out, should PPG anticipate a change in artwork. With the option to change the graphics, it means that creating a new unit from scratch is eliminated and can just be a matter of re-merchandising it to suit the client’s needs and being the most cost-effective option.

Incorporating LED lighting on the unit helps increase visibility on the shop floor as well as clarity for our customers who are wanting to see the colour in true lighting, as well as being able to read any of the informative write up. The lighting also attracts customers to the stand, which will overall increase footfall and brand impact.

Each paint chip was individually sprayed to each Pantone reference professionally, meaning there are no brush marks/strokes or imperfections. Each chip was then individually printed with both the colour reference and name of the paint colour. The captivating presence of the paint chips were displayed on a slow spinning carousel, to maximize space, holding an impressive 98 colour options, selected for their popularity.

Innovation is always at the forefront of our client’s minds when it comes to an up-and-coming execution. A colour ‘scan and match’ feature was incorporated onto 55 units, which mainly went into the Leyland SDM and other selected stores. This meant that customers could come into store with a wallpaper/paper sample, a magazine, a product, item of clothing or a Pantone paper reference and hold it underneath the scanner pod. After clicking the red button on top, this testifies what Pantone reference this is and automatically selects the Leyland paint colour breakdown that matches what was scanned. This colour breakdown reference is then used by the store to mix the paint to the exact colour of the sample that was scanned in.

To add personalisation, we included a consultation area. This zone was for the Eucerin/Vichy’s Sales Rep to present the

This roll-out for an all-rounder success and well-anticipated launch. We continue to work with PPG on their in-store display needs.

Client Testimonials:

“Thank you for doing a terrific set of installations last Friday at Colour Supplies in Oswestry & Ludlow; I met Steve, your engineer, who was thorough, courteous and patient whilst in both branches. The Leyland Trade Colour Stations look excellent in situ. Thank you for the great service, I really appreciate it.”

  • Key Account Manager

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