The White Label Expo

October 21, 2021

Seller X buy and build Amazon businesses, helping entrepreneurs realise the next stage of their business and their lives. They help you secure a swift business sale – all whilst pairing your experience with their expertise, they are able to understand the analytics, processes and production which is required to help Amazon businesses grow and grow fast. They are the team that will help you take your business to the next level.

Seller X approached us at Pivotal Retail to take full control for the stand at The White Label Expo, Frankfurt. This was in fact their very first time exhibiting, so for us, the brief was more vital than ever to help them stand out against the rest of the exhibitors and to shout about who Seller X are and what they do.

 Seller X’s stand comprised of a 8m x 6m open all sides, stand only space. This was our time to go above and beyond their expectations on what is feasible, all whilst in-keeping with our client’s requirements.

It was vital for us to include a few areas where potential customers could sit and chat to a Seller X representative, all whilst feeling comfortable. So much so, we included a few low coffee tables and comfortable leather contemporary chairs to make sure that these were easily sociable areas.

There were also 2 display tables, 1 being a white gloss table which acted as a storage cabinet and one that was an illuminated glass top display unit which presented some of Seller X’s merch/products. These were great talking point areas and inclusively had white pod cubed seats for those that wished to have a brief discussion with any of the stand representatives.

We wanted the flooring to be light and contemporary so that the Seller X corporate branding colours could stand out. Therefore, we opted for a light wood effect vinyl. This neutral undertone really compliments the stand overall as this meant that the oak tones invited a sense of warmth, yet it does not illuminate any footwear marks that could’ve been made.

Our business brief was how we could make sure that potential customers visiting the stand know who Seller X are and what they do. Our idea to include a full-length fabric stretched lightbox at the front of the stand made them bold and immersive. With the illumination lighting the main walkway, this way a clever way to invite customers towards the stand to learn more.

On the other side of the panel, we mounted a large 85” QLED LG TV which had a rolling media file of what Seller X has to offer – this was structured for those walking towards the stand from the other side of the walkway, allowing for them to have visual concept of the brand. With the stand being open from all sides, this allows potential customers to engage with the stand representatives as soon as they approach the floor.

Our design team wanted to include an innovative and creative lighting system which illuminates the bar on the stand. We designed, made, and installed this mosaic pod style lighting, inclusive of a variety of sizes which was made structurally sound due to the white poles that were fixed to the bar tops. The made sure that the ceiling to the stand was also supported and safe.

We wanted the bar area to be a sociable and an easy area for both representatives and customers to sit and enjoy either their cups of coffees or bottled water. With this in mind, it was vital for us to incorporate bar stools that wrapped around the bar, inclusive of being waited on with the use of a Nespresso Virtuo machine.

The bar needed to stand out and be the central point on the stand, so much so we designed it to have full illumination on the underside of the countertop, this strongly illuminated the cladding panels we put on the base of the bar itself, giving it texture, interest and a bold effect.

The ‘X’ in Seller X is strongly used in their corporate identity and branding guidelines. We wanted to accentuate the X in a way which could be effectively mounted and represented on the stand. By emphasising the ‘X’ we created a three-dimensional wooden X that was to have the illusion of it floating in-between the two supporting panels on one of the front elevations. The white ‘X’ sits central to the panel and is eyeline to potential customers, creating impact and drawing in people to the stand.

It is safe to say that the Seller X's stand stood out by a mile, and we were thrilled to hear so much positive feedback from our clients at Seller X since the show. The show was a great success for them, and we look forward to re-building and showcasing their stand at The White Label Show on 2nd and 3rd March 2022 at ExCel London! Make sure you go and check them out.

We look forward on continuing to work with Seller X on their upcoming brand activations.

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