September 21, 2021

Vitality has been a loyal client of ours for a while now and whilst we continue to create projects for them, it becomes apparent that the never ending industry of CBD is growing – we like to maintain the premium look of the brand.

This is a CBD sampling station. With CBD being a relatively new product category at the time, the brand Vitality wanted to launch the product to increase awareness of CBD and the effects that Cannabinoid holds. The is an acrylic fabricated counter stand complete with digital screen.

The brief from the client was very simple – to make Vitality stand out in store. They need to look professional and premium as well as being educational. Our overall target was to be showcased in as many independent Pharmacies and Vape Stores as possible.

We came up with several different solutions but this one stood out. As CBD was a new category, a lot of shoppers and retail staff are not confident with the product, so we added a screen and a video which would inform everyone of the products and their benefits, making it a lot easier for the store staff to sell.

The unit also had a leaflet dispenser so for more information about the brand. We illuminated the logo of vitality but also had it standing out further than the background giving the unit a real quality look.

The green locator plates on the base can be interchanged as some stores would not take the whole range.

The units were being installed by Vitality sales team and therefore space in their cars was a consideration. So, we made it flat packed but easy to assemble.

Whilst making sure that is was convenient for the retail staff, the shopper also needed to be educated on this product line – which required learnings of the product and how the product is effective, as well as highlighting the awareness and health benefits of the products. This was not only achieved with the write up on the unit, but also through the video footage. We decided to place a video player. The video would play footage via a memory stick, meaning the video footage could easily be changed and updated by the Reps.

We already do a lot of work in health and Beauty and the Vaping sector so we added value by knowing the store environment and what would really work.

The unit overachieved its expectations and we went on to further production runs of this unit and similar units. It gave the brand a relatively low cost platform to grow on, it helped the retailers sell in the products to the shoppers. It allowed testing of the product which in the category was vital due to the cost of the product. The return on Investment from the unit was huge.

You would find these units in Independent Pharmacies and Vape Stores across the UK.

In terms of manufacturing – consideration was given to the process of how quick it was needed to be manufactured, also considering the quantities the client initially required. This meant that we decided to acrylic fabricate the units – this would give it durability and a premium look and feel. The unit is made from 3mm white acrylic and fabricated and glued. We also wanted to enhance the logo – we did this by incorporating LED lighting with rear illumination. We CNC’d the logo’s lettering individually from opal acrylic – this made it stand out physically from the main unit, overall enhancing the premium look even further.

We continue to work alongside Vitality on enhancing their brand.


“We were very happy with this counter unit, it performed far better than our initial expectations and really was the starting block for building the brand in a retail environment. We now sit and the No.1 UK CBD brand and its all thanks to the team at Pivotal with their designs and knowledge of the sector.”

Lewis Felstead – Marketing Director.

“Loving the GOLD POPAI UK & Ireland award for the amazing sampling stations you designed and produced for our stockists, feedback as always is retailer’s love these POS units, even in today’s ‘non sampling’ retail environment the built in audio and visual capabilities mean our customers can still have all the benefits of the unit! A++ from me!”

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